The route has been announced for the first Pride Parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina, scheduled for September 8 in Sarajevo.

The march will begin in front of the ‘Eternal Flame’ monument, continue down the Marsala Tita Street, through the Hastahana Park, and end at the Bosnia and Herzegovina Square, in front of the building of the Parliament of BiH.

Sarajevo Pride Parade route

Decision about the route of the first Pride Parade in Sarajevo has been jointly made by organizers and representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Police Administration.  

Members of the Organization Board of the first Pride Parade in Bosnia and Herzegovina underlined that no registration was necessary for people who want to participate in the Pride Parade, except for journalists who wanted to cover the event.

At least 500 persons have announced their participation thus far.

Both the EU Delegation and the US Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina have welcomed the commitment by the Sarajevo Canton authorities to ensure that the first LGBTI Pride Parade in the country takes place peacefully, saying that the march represented an opportunity for the country to demonstrate tolerance and appreciation for diversity.

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