In an interview to Sarajevo-based daily newspaper Dnevni avaz, outgoing Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative (EUSR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Lars-Gunnar Wigemark said that snap elections might be the solution for political crisis in the country.

You do not have the option of snap elections here, but I believe that it would be the next step in the majority of countries, if agreements cannot be made. So, if I can recommend something, that would be it… You’ve exhausted the previous convocation’s term in the office, election results are not being implemented, the country is in a deadlock. New elections are being organized even in Kosovo. If Kosovo can do it, I think that Bosnia and Herzegovina can do it as well”, said Wigemark.

Wigemark’s term in the office expires on September 1, when he will be replaced by former Austrian Ambassador to Albania Johann Sattler.

Council of the EU said that Sattler’s mandate was based on the EU policy objectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which included continuing progress in the stabilization and association process; ensuring a stable, viable, peaceful, multi-ethnic and united country that cooperates peacefully with its neighbors; and ensuring that the country is irreversibly on track towards the EU membership, following the publication of the European Commission Opinion on country’s membership application. 

Wigemark believes that Sattler has to continue to insist on the process of the EU integration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, talk to everyone and remain objective and calm.