The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina is carrying out an analysis of lawsuits against media outlets and journalists in the country, and has called for submission of detailed information by September 15.  

“Since democratic values and the rule of law depend on free and independent media, the OSCE is monitoring situation in the field of media freedoms”, stated representatives of the OSCE.

They underlined that they were committed to protecting the freedom of media and the freedom of expression of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to recognizing threats with regards to those freedoms - including those emerging during misuse of court processes launched against journalists.

In order to gain a better understanding of mechanisms used to silence the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we intend to gather and analyze data related to lawsuits against journalists and media outlets”, the OSCE Mission to BiH said. Collected data will be used to create a detailed analysis of the frequency, seriousness and effects of those cases.

Furthermore, representatives of the OSCE underlined that they were trying to raise the level of awareness among representatives of judicial, legislative and executive authorities, as well as wider public, about possible malicious prosecution of journalists and the abuse of court processes with the goal of limiting the freedom of expression, silencing journalists and causing economic losses to media outlets. 

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