In an interview for Sarajevo-based daily newspaper Dnevni avaz, Slovakian Minister of Foreign Affairs and former High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Miroslav Lajcak said that names of new European Commissioners were not as important as the policy conducted by the European Commission.

Lajcak noted that from day one, the new European Commission was believed to consider credible enlargement policy as one of its priorities.

“I believe that on October 15, we are going to invite North Macedonia and Albania to start membership negotiations. That would represent another strong message”, said Lajcak.

Slovakian Minister of Foreign Affairs underlined that the Dayton Peace Agreement was supposed to stop the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not to create a functional state.

“The Dayton can be changed if so agreed among the three constituent peoples. It will be nearly impossible to enter the EU with the original Dayton Agreement”, said Lajcak.

“I believe that the appointment of Matthew Palmer as the U.S. Special Representative for the Balkans is a good thing, because it is a signal for the EU to get more engaged and be more visible in the Balkans. The only thing Palmer can offer is the European prospect. There is no other good prospect. Palmer’s appointment is a good message that the U.S. did not forget about the region and that it expects the EU to play the leading role”, concluded Lajcak.

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