Canadian ‘Fraser Institute’ has published the 2019 ‘Economic Freedom of the World’ annual report.

This year’s report compares a total 162 countries and territories, ranking them on the basis of five areas: size of government, legal structure and security of property rights, access to sound money, freedom to trade internationally, and regulation of credit, labor and business. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina is ranked 92nd in the world with the overall score of 6.69, below all other countries in the region - Albania (ranked 30th), Croatia (56th), Slovenia (67th), North Macedonia (73rd), Serbia (80th) and Montenegro (83rd).

Hong Kong and Singapore occupy the top two positions. The next highest scoring nations are New Zealand, Switzerland, United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Mauritius.

Kosovo was not included in the survey, as it was decided that the quality of data for this country has not yet reached the level that warrants inclusion in the main ‘Economic Freedom of the World’ index. However, Fraser Institute reported that on the basis of available data, Kosovo would have earned summary ratings of 8.15, which would be good enough for the country to be ranked seventh in the world.

Fraser Institute Economic Freedom 2019

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