High Representative Valentin Inzko said that the international community was in Bosnia and Herzegovina long-term and was ready to provide assistance and support to the country.  

That is it - assistance and support. The engine that moves the train called Bosnia and Herzegovina forward has to be ‘Made in BiH’”, Inzko said in an interview for the Sarajevo-based daily Oslobodjenje.

The era when the international community was prescribing solutions, and sat in the driver’s seat for the implementation of these solutions, is over. Politicians need to come to terms with that, and start pushing forward. The sooner the better. There should be no doubt that, when Bosnia and Herzegovina starts moving forward in a more decisive manner, the international community will be there to help and assist. Maybe even more than in the past”, said Inzko.

The High Representative noted that Bosnia and Herzegovina was statistically among the poorest countries in Europe, and concluded that the country needed reforms that would improve the lives of its citizens.

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