EUFOR’s largest annual exercise, ‘Quick Response 19’, resumed on Thursday at the Banja Luka International Airport.

The scenario troops had to deal with at the airport included a demonstration, a hostage situation and an improvised explosive device.

EUFOR Quick Response 19 BL op 3

Statement issued by EUFOR reads that these diverse and challenging situations “were dealt with swiftly and efficiently, and there was excellent cooperation between EUFOR, law enforcement agencies and airport authorities”.

It was clear that the cooperation between all parties remains strong and that we have established excellent communication links”, the statement reads.

EUFOR Quick Response 19 BL op 4

Exercise ‘Quick Response’ is taking place concurrently in multiple locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina, from Mostar in the south west, Visoko and Sarajevo in the center, Banja Luka in the north, and Brcko in the north east.

‘Quick Response’ is the longstanding annual test of EUFOR’s capability to rapidly reinforce its troops in Bosnia and Herzegovina with part of its reserve forces which are held at high-readiness in partner nations.

The exercise ends on Friday.

EUFOR Quick Response 19 BL op 2

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