Following his address to the UN Security Council (UNSC) on November 5, High Representative Valentin Inzko met in New York with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

They discussed the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the highlights of the High Representative’s semi-annual report to the UNSC.

The High Representative emphasized that, despite the 2018 General Elections having concluded over a year ago, the formation of authorities had not yet been completed at the state and the FBiH levels, as well as in some cantons.

Parties also remain at odds over the fundamental aspects of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with some leading RS-based parties challenging the very role, territorial integrity, and authority of the state, as well as country’s standing legal commitments and policies”, said Inzko.

He underlined that “it is high time for authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to live up to their commitments to preserve peace and stability and move the country forward, engage in constructive dialogue, form the authorities on all levels, and start addressing the outstanding issues, including numerous socioeconomic challenges faced by the country’s citizens”.

The High Representative thanked the Secretary-General for his continuous and invaluable support to achieving peace, stability, and prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for the important role of the UN.

Inzko also met with United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Miroslav Jenca.

Statement issued by the Office of the High Representative reads that Inzko informed the Assistant Secretary-General about the dominant political trends and developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the pressing challenges that require immediate resolution.

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