National football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina has ended one of the poorest qualifying campaigns in recent history with a 3-0 victory in Vaduz.

Armin Hodzic scored twice - in the 64th and 72nd minute of the game - after Eldar Civic opened the scoring 12 minutes into the second half. Last night’s victory means that Robert Prosinecki’s men have ended the qualifications in the fourth place of the qualifying Group J - behind Italy, Finland and Greece.

UEFA Euro 2020 Liechtenstein Bosnia 2

However, Bosnia can still qualify for the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship through the UEFA Nations League play-offs.

UEFA has updated the list of teams that would be involved in the play-offs on the basis of the current European Qualifiers standings.

According to the current list, a draw would decide which three of Wales, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland would join Bosnia and Herzegovina in Path B, and which one would go into Path A, together with Iceland, and the two of Bulgaria, Israel and Romania.

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have advanced to the play-offs; Wales and Slovakia, however, still have a chance of qualifying directly, depending on results of Tuesday evening’s last round matches in qualifying Group E.

Wales will qualify if they beat Hungary at home, while Slovakia needs to beat Azerbaijan and hopes for a draw in Cardiff.

The UEFA EURO 2020 play-off draw will take place on Friday at noon.