In an interview for Banjaluka-based daily newspaper Nezavisne novine, Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative (EUSR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Johann Sattler said that European Union was not acting as some kind of colonial power.  

We are not the Office of the High Representative; we do not have the Bonn powers nor do we need them”, said Sattler. “The authority I have here in Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually based on desire this country has expressed - to become the member (of the EU). It depends on your leaders how fast you will make progress”, he explained.

Commenting on the fact that some political parties and non-governmental organizations have expressed discontent with European Union’s role in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sattler said that people tended to look for someone to blame whenever something was not moving as fast as they had wanted.  

And it is always easier to blame someone who is far away. Yet this is the work that needs to be done by local politicians”, said Sattler, adding that “politicians in general want to take credit for successes, but look for culprits somewhere else in case of failure”.

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