In an article written for Banjaluka-based daily Nezavisne novine, High Representative Valentin Inzko called on political elites in Bosnia and Herzegovina to see the year of 2020 as some sort of the new beginning, and start looking for solutions for main problems in the country.

According to Inzko, formation of new authorities represents not only an opportunity to think about the previous tenure, but also an even better opportunity for a fresh start.

The question of all questions in Bosnia and Herzegovina is how to overcome the past and present divisions, and build a stable, prosperous country which is good for all. There is no doubt that this is possible, but it would require a change in political behavior and methods”, underlined Inzko.

The HR argued that Bosnia and Herzegovina remained stuck in the past, and emphasized that it was very clear what needed to be done in order to transform the country into a stable democracy attractive to investors.

First of all, it is necessary to strengthen political stability. Secondly, rule of law must be drastically strengthened, and the fight against corruption must become a true priority. And finally, administrative procedures need to grow stronger, instead of preventing economic growth”, explained Inzko.

He underlined that the international community could not do the job of local political leaders, adding - however - that above all the EU and international financial organizations had the expertise and willingness to help Bosnia and Herzegovina navigate through the necessary reforms.

The year ahead of us will objectively be very demanding, especially because of the local elections. I hope that politicians will not make it even more difficult with their unreasonable, conflicting and often insulting rhetoric and actions - which speak volumes about themselves but do not contribute in any way to improving the situation in the country”, Inzko concluded.

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