Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Croatia, proving that the virus has spread to the Balkan region. The first confirmed patient is a 26-years old man who recently returned from a trip to Milan, Italy. The second patient is his brother.  

Croatian authorities claim that its healthcare system is prepared for the virus outbreak. In the meantime, other Balkan countries have been stepping up their containment plans.

So far, there have been no confirmed coronavirus cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Four Chinese citizens who have been quarantined all tested negative to the virus. Several persons are held under medical observation until they are cleared. Representatives of all relevant authorities in the country are expected to meet today to discuss containment measures.

However, news about coronavirus patients in the neighboring Croatia have caused some panic among citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Several supermarkets in Sarajevo reported that their shelves have been almost completely cleared by citizens who are stocking up on basic groceries and hygiene supplies in expectation of a wider outbreak.

Coronavirus Sarajevo 1

Coronavirus Sarajevo 2

The total number of coronavirus contractions globally is 81,000. The death toll so far is around 2,700.

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