30 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 24 hours, meaning that the total of COVID-19 contractions in the country now stands at 69.

New cases have been reported in Banja Luka (12), Konjic (9), Mostar (2), Bihac (1), Zenica (1), Prijedor (1), Bijeljina (1), Gorazde (1), Ribnik (1), and Kozarska Dubica (1).

As of Thursday evening, not a single one of the infected persons was in a life-threatening danger, and two of them have already recovered from COVID-19.

Authorities in the country have continued enforcing strict measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. The Government of the RS decided on Thursday to impose sanctions against those involved in spreading fake news or causing panic among citizens. Those persons will be fined with between BAM 1,000 and BAM 9,000.

The Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina have started setting up tent quarantines at the border crossings, for people who want to enter the country and are supposed to remain in a 14-day isolation.

According to media reports, tent quarantines will be set up at a number of border crossings, including Izacic, Gradiska, Brod-Samac, Raca, Bijeljina, Sepak, Vardiste, Visegrad, Bijaca, Zupci, and Klobuk. The capacity of those tent quarantines will depend on the estimated frequency of traffic at the border crossing.

The total number of coronavirus contractions globally is slightly less than 247,000. The death toll so far is slightly over 10,000, while 88,500 people have already recovered.

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