17 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina over the past 24 hours, meaning that the total of COVID-19 contractions in the country now stands at 168.

COVID-19 cases have been reported in Banja Luka (81), Konjic (17), Mostar (7), Laktasi (7), Sarajevo (5), Bihac (5), Kozarska Dubica (5), Zenica (4), Gorazde (4), Bijeljina (3), Celinac (3), Knezevo (3), Siroki Brijeg (3), Modrica (2), Tesanj (2), Prnjavor (2), Brcko (2), Bosanski Brod (2), Prijedor (1), Bosanska Krupa (1), Orasje (1), Srbac (1), Ribnik (1), Gradiska (1), Derventa (1), Breza (1), Visoko (1), Teslic (1), and Novi Travnik (1).

There have been three coronavirus-related fatalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina thus far, while at least one person is in critical condition. One more person died in Bihac two days ago after being admitted to hospital with a severe case of pneumonia, but tests came back negative for coronavirus.

Authorities in the country adopted a new set of measures aimed at curbing the spread of coronavirus infections.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to temporarily close all international airports in the country as of Monday, March 30.

Civil Protection Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina banned the work of private dental clinics and laboratories, as well as visits to migrant centers in the FBiH. Migrants are also banned from leaving those centers.

Public transportation will be almost completely suspended in Banja Luka as of Thursday, with only three bus lines remaining operational, and only during specific and limited timeframe.

Curfew has been imposed in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina - from 18:00 to 05:00 hrs in the Federation, from 20:00 to 05:00 hrs in the RS, and from 21:00 to 05:00 hrs in the District of Brcko. Persons under the age of 18 and over the age of 65 have been banned from leaving their homes in the FBiH, while the same measure applies only to persons over the age of 65 in the RS.

The total number of coronavirus contractions globally is almost 426,000. The death toll so far is approximately 19,000, while slightly over 109,000 people have already recovered.