World Health Organization (WHO) Representative and Head of the WHO Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina Victor Olsavszky said that no virus has spread faster than the coronavirus since the formation of WHO in 1948.

Olsavszky claims that it is still too early to talk about the coronavirus mortality rate. “What we are concerned about the most is the possibility of mutation of virus in order to adapt to humans”, Olsavszky said, adding that the priority was to slow down the spread of coronavirus infections.

Head of the WHO Country Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina underlined that testing was the only way to know how fast the virus was spreading, and if measures taken by authorities were efficient.

He said that testing should be carried out in line with recommendations of epidemiologists and physicians. “It is very important to tell citizens that negative test does not represent some kind of ‘certificate’ that one is not infected, because one can get infected the very next day”, said Olsavszky. “That is why no country is conducting tests on-demand. That is why people should not be pressuring authorities, because nothing can be achieved that way. Testing serves us only for epidemiologists to know what measures should be taken, and in which timeframe”, he explained.

Olsavszky concluded that measures taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina might still have desired effect and prevent the Italian scenario from happening in the country.  

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