Traditional dives off the Old Bridge in Mostar - the oldest event in the city - are set to go ahead on July 26 despite coronavirus restrictions still in place.

Organizer of the event, Divers’ Club ‘Mostari’, stated that tradition had not been interrupted even during the war, when artillery rounds were falling nearby.

According to the club, the only remaining question is whether the jumps will be held in front of spectators or without them.

Club representatives expect the competition to take place with spectators. Divers’ Club ‘Mostari’ has already submitted request for issuance of permit to local authorities in the City of Mostar and the Ministry of Sports of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they believe that all permits will be issued without any problems whatsoever.

Several weeks ago, organizers announced that the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series season had been suspended for 2020. The penultimate round of the competition was supposed to take place at Mostar’s Old Bridge on September 26.