Sarajevo has been listed on the the Cities of Film, a website created and coordinated by the UNESCO Cities of Film Network. The website offers information about each City of Film and the ongoing work, projects, events, festivals, collaborations and news from each city. The goal is to place creativity and cultural industries at the heart of local engagement and prioritize cross-border cultural collaboration.
Created in 2004, 246 cities currently make up the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

The Network is designed to encourage greater partnerships between UNESCO and between creative cities around the world that have worked to establish a strong reputation and foothold in the creative sectors.
Apart from Sarajevo, the website offers information on numerous other cities, including Bitola (North Macedonia), Bradford (UK), Bristol (UK), Busan (South Korea), Galway (Ireland), Łódź (Poland), Mumbai (India), Potsdam (Germany), Qingdao (China), Rim (Italy), Santos (Brazil), Sofia (Bulgaria), Sydney (Australia), Terrassa (Spain), Valladolid (Spain), Wellington (New Zeeland) and Yamagata (Japan).

You can check out the website at