Migrant crisis which hit Bosnia and Herzegovina hard in 2018 continues, and the situation escalated on Monday when a group of migrants stuck in the administrative border zone between the entities of Republic of Srpska and Federation of BIH blocked the local road in Bosanska Otoka.

Police officers who arrived to the site managed to convince the migrants to move and unblock the road without any further conflict.
Most migrants arrive to Bosnia and Herzegovina from Serbia. They usually have no intention to stay in the country. Instead they move towards Croatian border. Therefore, the Una-Sana Canton in the north-west of the country is carrying most of the burden of the migrant crisis.

Local residents complain about thefts and other crimes committed by thousands of migrants who are stuck in the Canton territory as Croatia keeps putting additional efforts into sealing off its border.
Frustrated Canton authorities decided to set up check points in an effort to prevent migrants from entering the Canton. However, the Canton is bordering on territory of the Republic of Srpska, whose authorities vehemently reject any possibility of accepting migrants.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), there are currently between 7,000 and 10,000 migrants in BiH. Some 2,000 of them sleep in the streets, as they have no other accommodation and no possibility to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina.