Over the past 24 hours, Bosnia and Herzegovina registered nearly 1,000 new cases of the COVID-19, i.e. a total of 999 new cases of the disease, while another 20 infected persons died.

Most new cases were registered in Sarajevo Canton – 169 cases and Banja Luka – 127 cases. Doctors and experts warn that the healthcare system might face collapse unless the epidemiological situation improves. They also fear that the upcoming local elections and election campaign activities might drive the numbers even higher. Some political parties decided to cancel all campaign events and switch to online activities, but most parties still continue with more traditional campaigning which includes rallies and different events.

Business community fears that the government might order a new lockdown. They warn that Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy could not survive that. The latest projections published by the World Bank and IMF predict a drop in GDP of up to seven percent. The World Bank warned that Bosnia and Herzegovina will face the worst recession in the past 25 years.