In the past 24 hours, a total of 73 persons died of coronavirus-related complications, marking a new tragic record for Bosnia and Herzegovina. A total of 997 persons tested positive in the same period.

According to the weekly report of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the top of the list of countries in the region when it comes to the incidence of fatal outcome of COVID-19 infection. ECDC reported that, in the past week, the country registered over 260 deaths, caused by the Coronavirus-related complications, and it is followed by Croatia with 161.

General Director of the General Hospital ‘Dr. Abdulah Nakas’ in Sarajevo Ismet Gavrankapetanovic warned about the need to detect the COVID-19 infection on time, in order to treat the symptoms before it is too late. “If we detect the infection on time, then there is time for the medicines to start working and to prevent complications”, Gavrankapetanovic emphasized.

In an effort to curb the spreading of COVID-19, the Crisis Headquarters of the FBiH Ministry of Healthcare announced that it will introduce stricter epidemiological measures on Tuesday. The measures will refer to limiting movement and gathering of people, but the Crisis HQ did not reveal any details. The Crisis HQ is expected to present details at Tuesday’s press conference scheduled for 14:00. The current measures include mandatory use of protective facemasks both indoors and outdoors, and limiting indoor gatherings to no more than 30 as well as outdoor gatherings to a maximum of 50 people.