This Sunday, November 15, 2020, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (except in Mostar where the election will be held in December) will vote in the 2020 Local Elections.

This year's election process was marked by numerous problems. First the elections had to be postponed from October to November because the state budget for 2020 was not adopted, and the Central Election Commission didn't have the funds necessary for organization of the elections. The entire process has also been hindered by the coronavirus pandemic. Election campaign was moved to online platforms to a great extent. However, many political parties and candidates violated the preventive measures and organized large gatherings despite the risk of COVID-19.

The Central Election Commission has issued a set of instructions aiming to secure a safe environment for the voting process, but many people fear that the election day could result in a surge of new coronavirus cases.

Citizens will have the opportunity to elect 22 mayors and 120 heads of municipalities, as well as members of 21 city councils and 120 municipal councils. They will choose among 129 parties, 262 independent candidates and 72 coalitions.

The central voter registry has a total of 3.283.194 registered voters. However, the registration of absentee voters who registered to vote via mail has been marred with numerous reports on abuse and identity theft. As a result, the Central Election Commission rejected registration of tens of thousands of absentee voters.

The polling stations will open on Sunday at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.