Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center and UNDP have teamed up to create an app which projects maps of areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are contaminated with landmines, or suspected of contamination. The app features tracking and notification options. It notifies the user when approaching an active minefield. The app has information and education features teaching about mine contamination problem. It gives the option to report an explosive device and place an SOS call.
Development of the app was funded by the European Union.
Landmines and unexploded ordinance still represent a major safety risk in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite the fact that mine clearance teams have been working hard to clear the land for the past 25 years, vast areas are still contaminated or suspicious. Clearing efforts are hindered by often difficult terrain which includes forests and mountains. The 2014 floods created additional problems, when landslides and heavy rains shifted the ground and washed away many known minefields.
The app is available at: