Security Minister Selmo Cikotic announced on Tuesday that the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina plans to relocate migrants from the destroyed 'Lipa' camp to the abandoned military barracks in Bradina near Konjic. However, Finance Minister Vjekoslav Bevanda disputed that, saying that there had not been any agreement.

The stranded migrants at the ‘Lipa’ camp in northwest Bosnia have been without shelter after a fire destroyed much of the camp on December 23, the same day the site was due to be temporarily closed.
The idea to relocate migrants to Bradina was met with resistance in the local community as well. Residents gathered in Bradina to protest against migrants moving there. Government of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Mayor of Konjic

Osman Catic claim that they have not been consulted, and that they found out about the relocation plans only when the migrants were already on buses waiting to be transported to Bradina.
Following the dispute, Cikotic announced that some 700 migrants would spend the night in the buses, and that a decision on their accommodation would be made on Wednesday.