The European Commission has criticized BiH authorities for the poor handling of the migrant crisis. European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano warned that around 2,000 people stuck in harsh Bosnian winter conditions are being used as internal political pawns. “People's lives cannot be sacrificed for internal political power struggles," Stano noted.
Stano scolded Bosnia and Herzegovina, saying that the country needs to start acting like an "aspiring EU country" and get the people into immediate accommodation.

The commission announced an additional €3.5m of humanitarian aid, none of which goes to the state, to help those on the ground. It means the EU has doled out close to €14m to Bosnia and Herzegovina in humanitarian aid since 2018.

Peter Van der Auweraert from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says the issue is not about the lack of funding. But local and federal political fighting, along with decentralized state governance structures, appears to be behind the latest humanitarian incident. A lack of consensus at the state level on how to deal with the people has confounded authorities for years.