The Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein Kavazovic addressed imams from all over the country in a seminar titled “Islamic values through example.” Kavazovic used the opportunity to speak about the devastating plight of migrants who are stranded in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He underlined that all of Allah's creatures should be treated humanely and with grace.

“Bosnia is faced with a wave of migrants before whom the civilized world has closed its doors hermetically, not allowing them to even see what their countries look like. It is my duty to point to this problem, this lack of humanity, which cannot be unnoticed. We cannot and do not want to pretend it doesn't exist,” Kavazovic said.

He noted that there are indeed migrants who are violent, troublemakers and criminals. However, he emphasized, it is up to the state to deal with them. According to Kavazovic, a great majority of the migrants are decent people fleeing from misfortune and they have the right to be received with respect and kindness, and provided with basic living conditions.

Kavazovic urged the imams to be role models to their communities and be an example in “presenting a sublime faith, a higher and humane culture, which was created to make mercy a greater good to the people, to benefit the people.”