Leading international humanitarian organizations Amnesty International, Jesuit Refugee Service Europe, Médecins du Monde Belgique and Refugee Rights Europe issued a joint statement on the migrant crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They called for immediate humanitarian support to address the current emergency as well as durable institutional solutions to meet the needs of people transiting through the country. Approximately 2,500 people, including 900 residents of temporary camp Lipa, remain without basic shelter in perilously cold conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as authorities fail to provide adequate accommodation to migrants and asylum-seekers, and EU agencies continue to support short-term solutions.

The statement notes that the EU has provided over €88 million in assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen its migration management capacity over the past three years. Despite this, the country has failed to identify suitable facilities for the accommodation of migrants and asylum-seekers, assume full responsibility for the management of existing facilities or to provide minimal guaranteed support to those stranded in the country. However, the organizations also criticized the EU and accused it of being responsible for the situation.

“The EU’s responsibility is clear – the current humanitarian crisis is also a consequence of EU’s policy of fortifying its borders that has left thousands of people stranded on its periphery or in the neighboring countries”, reads the report.