If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an aerial shot of Mostar is worth the Complete Nicholas Sparks Collection” wrote author of the article Alex Bresler, referencing the famous American romance novelist and screenwriter.

Despite its conflicted past, Mostar is stunning, a hodgepodge of old Turkish houses, European architecture, cobblestone streets, bazaars, shops, and cafes where you can sip coffee or wine, both of which Mostar does well”, wrote the author.

Smack dab in the city center is the Stari Most bridge, a reconstruction of a 16th-century Ottoman bridge that spanned the Neretva River until it was destroyed during wartime in the 1990s”, the article continues. “Should you and your significant other want to take a day trip, a half-hour drive will get you to the Kravica Waterfalls. There, you can swim beneath cascades or paddle a small boat during the colder months while admiring this particularly lush slice of the Bosnian landscape”, the Matador Network concluded.

The list of seven most underrated romantic cities in the world also include Viña del Mar (Chile), Cape Town (South Africa), Budapest (Hungary), Antigua (Guatemala), Quebec City (Canada), and Osaka (Japan).