Kravica is a waterfall on Trebizat river, located some 10 kilometers south from Medjugorje, in Studenci near Ljubuski. The waterfall is around 28 meters high and forms a natural amphitheater at the bottom. Kravica is a beloved picnic spot for locals, but it is worth a visit for anyone looking for beautiful nature, pristine river and historical sights.

Kravica Waterfall 4


Ljubuski offers interesting sights such as a Stecak necropolis, the castle of Herceg Stjepan or the remains of the Roman camp in Gracine.

kula herceg stjepan

Stecak Ljubuski

The Franciscan monastery of St Anthony of Padua in Humac is home to the oldest museum in Bosnia and Herzegovina, dating back to 1884. The museum displays different archeological finds, including the fragments of the Humac tablet - the oldest inscription found in Bosnia and Herzegovina.