‘Bijambare’ is a protected landscape located near the regional road Sarajevo- Tuzla, on the verge of ‘Nisicka Visoravan’ between villages Nisici and Krivajevici, Ilijas Municipality. ‘Bijambare’ is only a 40-minute drive from Sarajevo and which makes it very appealing both to local visitors and foreign tourists.

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‘Bijambare’ landscape spreads at 497 acres and includes thick coniferous forest, pastures, and numerous karstic phenomena, such as sinkholes and swallow- holes, as well as caves. The protected landscape was established with a goal of preservation of landscape, scientific research, ecological education, as well as recreation and tourism. This magnificent landscape is considered a true air spa and besides several types of pine trees, it includes pastures, which are adorned by two creeks creating small lakes.

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An easy hiking tour will lead you to the mountain house ‘Bijambare’, where you can find refreshments. The Bijambare cave is located near the mountain house. The cave is composed of three speleological objects: Upper Bijambare Cave, Central Bijambare Cave and Lower Bijambare Cave. The Central Cave is composed of four halls, rich in cave decorations and the fourth hall is home to many stalactites and the sealing is covered with jewels. The caves are partially open to tourists and this latter cave hall is considered to be one of the prettiest caves in BiH. Entrance to Central Cave is permitted daily at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00, when guides will try to organize tours of 5 to 30 persons. Larger groups can call in advance and schedule  tour by phone (+387 33 201 112).

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Due to the proximity of Sarajevo, ‘Bijambare’ is a famous tourist spot and very popular with the locals. The landscape provides interesting and diverse activities, such as visits to caves, hiking, cycling (you can even rent a bike at a reasonable price at the entrance), or simple picnics in one of wooden cabins (with tables and benches), which are scattered throughout ‘Bijambare’. Entrance fee for adults is BAM 2, it is free for children under 7 years of age and this price includes parking and use of toilets. Renting a bicycle will cost you BAM 3 for the first hour and BAM 2 for every following hour.

Another attraction, vastly popular among children is the electric train, which will drive you from the entrance to the mountain house. The train can take 54 passengers and it will cost you BAM 1 for adults and BAM 0.5 for children.