Senior expert associate with the Tourism Association of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Ramiz Basic believes that authorities should start charging for entrance to the Old Town in Mostar.

Basic explained that each year some 500,000 tourists pay one-day visit to Mostar and its most prominent feature, the Old Bridge.

Analyses show that tourists spend a total of approximately EUR 23 on average during their stay. However, according to Basic, some of them do not spend any money at all, instead they create big crowds and show disrespect to the Old Bridge.

Furthermore, Basic explained, tourists who spend nothing and just come to see the Old Bridge are of no use to restaurants and cafés, as they often bring their own food and drinks.

Basic believes that hotel guests, children under the age of six, residents of Mostar, and students - among others - should be exempted from paying the entrance fee.

He concluded that the City of Mostar should have organized a round table about the issue and prepared a study before making the final decision.

Tourists stay 1.35 days in Mostar on average, while they stay 2.43 days in neighboring Medjugorje.