Only several days after British daily newspaper The Telegraph recommended a visit to Sarajevo, the United Kingdom’s third-highest-circulation daily newspaper Daily Mail published an article describing how to spend one night in Sarajevo for less than GBP 100.

After reminding that Sarajevo is now connected to the U.K. via the first direct flights in a decade, author of the article Rob Crossan noted that “Sarajevo wears its rich and turbulent history surprisingly lightly, with its restored Austro-Hungarian riverside houses and Ottoman-era bazaars”.

Late-night bars and restaurants make for a fun, friendly city that’s walkable and as cheap as chips. It feels a bit like being let in on a secret that won’t stay under wraps for long”, author concluded.

The article also recommends a number of hotels and hostels in Sarajevo, and gives tips on what to see and do, and where to eat in the City.