Sarajevo is one of the world’s cheapest cities, according to research conducted by New York-headquartered human resources consulting firm Mercer.

Mercer’s Cost of Living report evaluated a number of factors, including the cost of food, alcohol and tobacco, domestic supplies, housing, clothing and footwear, home services, utilities, personal care, transportation, recreation, and environment, to calculate the cost of living in more than 200 cities across the world.

Claiming eight of the top 10 spots, Asian cities continue to dominate the list of most expensive locations for working abroad. Hong Kong remains the most expensive city in the world, followed by Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Zurich, Shanghai, Ashgabat, Beijing, New York and Shenzhen.

The five most expensive cities in Europe are Zurich (ranked 5th), Bern (12th), Geneva (13th), Copenhagen (20th), and London (23rd).

Ljubljana and Zagreb are the most expensive cities in the region, ranked 142nd and 143rd respectively; Belgrade is ranked 181st, while Sarajevo is ranked 194th among 209 cities analyzed by Mercer.

Skopje (ranked 201st) is the cheapest city in the region, while three cheapest cities in the world are Karachi, Tashkent and Tunis.