Director of the Agency for Cultural-Historic and Natural Heritage and Development of Tourist Potential of the City of Jajce Anto Brtan said that the City of Jajce has achieved the best season to date in terms of the number of visitors and revenues in 2019.

Brtan stressed that results achieved in 2018 had been surpassed already in late September, as there were 122,498 visitors in the first nine months of 2019, which is some 10,000 more than in the entire 2018.

He explained that the data were based on the number of tickets sold for the venues in Jajce, underlining that the actual number of tourists was a lot bigger because many of them visited sites that were free-of-charge, such as the Pliva Lakes.

Brtan noted that the most popular site was the Jajce waterfall with more than 80,000 visitors. The majority of tourists come from the EU Member States, followed by tourists from the Middle East and lately from China and the Far East.

Brtan argued that Jajce was lacking hotel rooms, and announced a plan to build a zip-line near the Jajce waterfall.