Author: Ajla Omerhodzic

The international long-distance bus operator ‘FlixBus’ and its biggest regional bus partner, the Sarajevo-based bus transportation company ‘Centrotrans’ have presented their new bus lines for Sarajevo, which will connect the Bosnian capital city to Budapest, Prague and Bratislava. Thanks to this partnership, expansion of the growing bus line network of ‘FlixBus’ with the bus lines Sarajevo-Budapest, Sarajevo-Prague, and Sarajevo-Bratislava will start on December 5.

Representatives of ‘FlixBus’ and ‘Centrotrans’ announced on Thursday the strengthening of their cooperation, which will result in the first-time introduction of bus lines from Sarajevo to these three major European cities.

After two years of ‘FlixBus’ presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are extremely pleased to continue recognizing our mutual values with our domestic partners, and by working together and agreeing on a solution that will connect Sarajevo to new destinations and thus make it more accessible in terms of transport and tourism”, said Ante Grbesa, Managing Director of ‘FlixBus’ for the CEE South region.

‘FlixBus’ is recognizable for its green buses, an expansive network of bus lines and introduction of digitalization into traditional bus industry. The company first entered the Bosnia and Herzegovina market in June 2017, connecting the country’s capital city with Germany thanks to the partners ‘Centrotrans’ from Sarajevo and ‘Biss Tours’ from Zenica. In January 2019, it strengthened the connections of Mostar and Medjugorje with cities in Croatia and Germany, thanks to the partner ‘Autoherc’.

Flixbus Centrotrans 1

This month, ‘Centrotrans’ announced that its bus fleet was ready to meet all the defined ‘FlixBus’ safety and comfort standards and that the company was ready to expand its network of routes to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

By connecting nine domestic destinations (Sarajevo, Visoko, Kakanj, Zenica, Zepce, Maglaj, Doboj, Modrica, and Bosanski Samac) with eight destinations in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, ‘FlixBus’ and ‘Centrotrans’ have provided the passengers from Sarajevo with easier opportunities for travelling through Europe. In that way, Bosnia and Herzegovina has become more accessible to numerous European and world travelers who use buses as their preferred means of transport.

General Manager of ‘Centrotrans’ Safudin Cengic said that cooperation of ‘FlixBus’ and ‘Centrotrans’, which started in mid-2017, had been of strategic importance for this Sarajevo-based company as it enables its further growth and represents a new step in providing transport services to its passengers.

Establishment of new lines is a continuation of Centrotrans’ successful business cooperation with ‘FlixBus’. The bus lines that will, for the first time, connect Sarajevo to Budapest, Bratislava and Prague will enable the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially younger generations, to conveniently visit cities recognized as tourist, cultural and historical European centers under affordable conditions”, Cengic explained.

In addition to direct travel, using hubs such as Budapest, Ljubljana, Munich and others, people can now travel from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the remotest parts of Europe like Amsterdam, Krakow or some of the most desirable destinations such as Venice, Milan, Zurich, or Basel.

All necessary information about the new travel lines and destinations along with available prices can be obtained at ‘Centrotrans’ ticket offices, on the ‘FlixBus’ website, or by downloading the ‘FlixBus’ mobile application.