National British daily broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph has published the list of 10 unsung cities worth paying a visit in 2020.

The list includes Mantua in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy; Colonia del Sacramento, one of the oldest cities in Uruguay; Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands; capital of Armenia Yerevan; Czech Republic’s Olomouc; Jeonju, known as the food capital of South Korea; the 1,300-year-old city of Cuenca in Spain; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; former Cold War capital of West Germany Bonn; and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s very own Trebinje.

Author of the article Emma Cooke wrote that “while most of Bosnia and Herzegovina is still off the beaten track, destinations like Mostar have seen a surge of interest - and daytrippers”.  

Trebinje, in a valley along the Trebisnjica River, is a truly hidden find, appearing out of the mountains like a textbook fairytale town. Except that this is a city, with all the culture that comes along with it. Upscale restaurants line the riverfront, serving cheese-stuffed burek and fresh caught trout”, the author explained.

Award-winning nearby wineries like Tvrdos Monastery and Andjelic ensure the city bars are richly stocked. Best of all, the old town gives nearby Dubrovnik a run for its money in prettiness, but is still firmly in the grasp of city residents - the cobbled streets are as filled with locals as those outside”, she concluded.

According to the Telegraph, the bus from Croatian coastal city Dubrovnik’s airport takes just under two hours, while a taxi takes 40 minutes.