British daily newspaper The Guardian compiled the list of 10 of the best scenic rail journeys in Europe, as chosen by the readers, and the list includes the railway line between Sarajevo and Mostar.

Only two trains a day (06:39 am and 05:05 pm) take passengers between Mostar and Sarajevo, but an early wake-up is worthwhile when it results in such a spectacular journey. Following the Neretva River far below, the train serves stations without platforms where passengers alight straight into the long grass”, the daily wrote.

For the best view, do as the locals do and ignore your reservation - seats on the right-hand side overlook the almost fjord-like scenery. The sealer? The trip will set you back just over £5. Buy at the station until 10 minutes before departure”, the author concluded.

This is not the first time The Guardian has mentioned Sarajevo-Mostar railway line as the one worth giving a shot.

This is a great train bargain, with rugged scenery, especially along the Neretva River. While the road sticks to the valley, the train climbs over the mountains, with viaducts, switchbacks and tunnels”, the daily reported almost two years ago.