FlyBosnia has temporarily reduced its operations on flights from Sarajevo to Rome and London Luton.

The carrier has suspended services to the Italian capital until February 27, after which they are expected to resume twice per week.

At the same time, according to, operations to London will run once instead of two times per week, until the week starting on February 24, when they will operate twice. After that, FlyBosnia will fly to London Luton on March 3, and then the operations will be suspended for two weeks before resuming - two times per week - at the start of the 2020 summer season in late March.

It actually means that FlyBosnia will fly to London Luton from the Sarajevo International Airport on February 15, 22, 25, and 29, as well as on March 3, 24, and 28.

The one weekly service between Mostar and Rome is currently suspended and is expected to resume on March 2.