A total of 150,027 tourists arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina in January and February 2020, which is 6.2 percent more than in the first two months of 2019.

Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted a total of 356,102 overnight stays in all types of accommodation establishments - a 6.7-percent increase compared to 2019 - out of which 66.9 percent were overnight stays of foreign tourists.

According to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the majority of overnight stays by non-resident tourists in the country were by tourists from Croatia (34.0 percent), Serbia (19.5%), Slovenia (6.6%), Turkey (4.0%), Montenegro (3.7%), Germany (2.9%), China, Italy, and Austria.

When it comes to the average length of stay, tourists from Iran and South Africa lead the way with 12.5 and 6.4 nights respectively.

94 percent of overnight stays were in hotels and similar types of accommodation.