If you are stuck in Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer, without the possibility to travel abroad for summer vacation, you can still enjoy some unusual and fun activities in the country. Here is the list of 15 fun activities to try this summer:

1. Canoe safari on Trebizat River
While its riverbed is only 50 kilometers long, Trebizat is fascinating because it is a sinking river, which disappears underground nine times before it reaches Neretva River. The river flows quite slowly, which makes this adventure suitable for the entire family. The canoe ride on Trebizat offers the opportunity to observe rare birds and plants, and enjoy an overall unique and beautiful scenery.

2. Explore Vjetrenica
The biggest and best-known cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vjetrenica is a protected natural monument. The underground tunnels and caves extend to more than 7 kilometers, and they are home to more than 200 animal species. Visitors can explore a route which is 1.8 kilometers long. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes, temperatures inside the cave never exceed 11 degrees Celsius, even in the peak of summer.

3. Hike in Perucica Forest
One of the oldest primordial forests in Europe, Perucica is part of the Sutjeska National Park. Untouched and wild nature which has been around for more than 20,000 years is waiting to be discovered, and the vantage point at Dragos Sedlo offers a stunning view of the Skakavac waterfall. Hikes through Perucica are possible only with a certified guide, and visits must be announced to the Sutjeska National Park.

4. River rafting
Neretva, Vrbas, Tara, Una, Krivaja and Rakitnica are rivers which offer the opportunity of adrenaline-inducing rafting tours. Apart from a dynamic and interesting boat ride, they offer beautiful scenery and an unforgettable adventure. The less-experienced adventurists can try Neretva RIver first, as it is less-challenging.

5. Zipline
An incredible experience which is still quite a novelty in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The longest zipline in the country in the 1000 meter-long zipline in the Adventure Park Pec Mlini near Grude. A 570-meter zipline is located in Mostar, in the Fortica nature park. Another recently opened zipline worth mentioning is the one in Jajce, spanning the banks of Vrbas River directly over the famous waterfalls.

6. Alpine coaster
This type of adventure is also something new in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the biggest alpine coasters in the region is located at Jahorina Mountain. In order to reach the starting point, you will have to take the ski lift all the way to the top of the mountain.

7. Mountaineering at Blidinje
The stunning beauty of Blidinje Mountain is well-known, and the mountain is very popular among hikers and bikers. The highlights of the mountain include the Blidinje Lake and the ‘Hajducka vrata’ – a natural ring-shaped hole in the cliffs on the mountain wall.

8. Visit the Konjic Bunker
The bunker with code name ARK D-0 was one of the best-kept top secret projects of the former Yugoslav Army. The code name is short for Atomska ratna komanda (Atom work command station), and the name itself reveals the purpose of this facility. The bunker was built to withhold a nuclear war and protect the top military commanders in case of an atomic apocalypse. Visit to the bunker will surely change you perception of the recent history. While you are in Konjic, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Woodcarving Museum as well.

9. Cable car ride to Trebevic Mountain
One of the pre-war symbols of Sarajevo, the cable car leading from the Old Town to the Trebevic Mountain first opened in 1959. The entire cable car infrastructure was completely destroyed during the war, but it was reconstructed and finally reopened in 2018. This is a must-see destination for many visitors of Sarajevo. If you go up, don’t forget to check out the bobsleigh track too.

10. Hiking to Lukomir
Lukomir is considered by many to be the last original Bosnian mountain village. The remote village is located at the southern ridge of Bjelasnica Mountain, at 1,495 meters above sea level. The village can only be reached on foot, by taking one of the two hiking tracks up from Umoljani. If you feel you are up to it, you can rent a room with one of the local families and sample traditional food.

11. Visit the pyramids in Visoko
Although many archeologists consider the Visoko pyramids a pseudo-archeological theory, the fact is that this theory has drawn a lot of attention throughout the world, and many tourists come to visit the pyramid-shaped hill of Visocia. Whether it is indeed a man-made pyramid or not, you can decide for yourself after visiting Visoko.

12. Visit Kraljeva Sutjeska and Bobovac
Visit to the royal town of Bobovac offers a beautiful combination of culture, history and nature. Stat your visit at the Kraljeva Sutjeska Monastery which is also home to a fascinating museum. After that, hike up to the ruins of Bobovac. Although the hike is not too difficult, don’t forget to wear sensible shoes and bring some water and a snack.

13. See waterfalls at Una River
The cleanest, and according to many the most beautiful river in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Strbacki buk waterfall is indeed a wonder of nature, and Martin Brod is equally unique. Keep in mind that the roads leading to the waterfalls on Una River are mostly not paved, but the waterfalls are surely worth the effort of getting there.

14. Visit sand pyramids in Miljevina
Sand pyramids are a rare natural phenomenon which can be found in only a few locations throughout the world, such as Colordo, USA and the Dolomites in Italy. They were formed by erosion of the soil, or the sand sinking down the stones and thus building pyramids. Weather disturbances, rain, snow, and sun shaped them.

15. Boat ride through Hutovo Blato
Nature reservation of Hutovo Blato is famous for being home to more than 240 species of swamp birds and 24 species of fish and eel. Hutovo Blato is also one of the largest bird wintering ranges in Europe. Board ride is a must for all visitors of the reservation.