With travel restrictions imposed in an effort to stop the spreading of coronavirus, many people find themselves unable to travel abroad for summer vacations. In search for a good destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many have turned to the city of Bihac, which has become a top travel destination in the country in the past few months.

Located on the Una River, Bihac and the surrounding area have a lot to offer. The vicinity of the stunning Una National Park is definitely a plus, but several other locations near Bihac are also very much worth visiting.

Strbacki Buk waterfall is considered to be the most spectacular waterfall on Una River. Some 24 kilometers up the river is the town of Martin Brod which is famous for several excellent restaurants offering not only supreme local food but also stunning views. Japod islands located on Una River are another favorite spot. The nature park on the islands features a camp and tree houses which can be rented for overnights stay. History and archeology lovers will be amazed by the old towns and fortresses such as Sokolac, Ostrovica, Ostrozac and Buzim.