It is difficult to find a more beautiful river in BiH than Trebizat just as it is difficult to find something in nature more beautiful than a waterfall. The Trebizat River is widely known for its waterfalls and, while almost everyone knows about Kravice Waterfall, the beautiful Kocusa Waterfall remains unknown to many.

The Kocusa Waterfall is situated in Veljaci village in the Ljubuski Municipality - about 12 kilometers away from Ljubuski - upstream of the settlement Vitina, almost at the border with Croatia. It is well marked and visitors do not have a problem finding it. The Kocusa Waterfall is one of the most beautiful nature pearls of this part of Herzegovina and it is impressive first because of its length; it is more than fifty meters wide which - with five meters of height slopes - makes an impressive water slide.

There are mills close to the waterfall which adorned this place for years, but numbers cannot describe you the real feel when you stand in front of it. The waterfall, carrying sedimentary rocks, which nature has been creating for centuries and everything looks almost fairytale-like. When it is not a period of drought and the Trebizat is richer in water, then the landscape is even more attractive. The idyllic atmosphere of greenery, rocks and water also contributes to a feeling of being in some other time, which is reinforced by the mills on the river. The Trebizat River is full of waterfalls and actually, this river has nine different names and it changes them through its course; before this waterfall the river is called Mlade and after it the river becomes Trebizat. On high temperatures, the Kocusa Waterfall is an ideal place for a rest and pleasant atmosphere. Beside waterfall, numerous visitors can be thrilled with abundant wildlife of this untouched nature. In competition of his bigger brother Kravica Waterfall, Kocusa Waterfall offers more peace and quietness. When you stand on the shore, you have the impression that the water is all around you, you hear a deafening noise, and you feel the cool air that nature carries with it.

The natural beauty of the western Herzegovina is something few people talk about. While stories about stereotypes about people from this region are often told, either about the socio-political setting, the economic phenomenon of the last two decades, or the Catholic shrine in Medugorje, there is little room left for the couple of real jewels of this part of our country and the Kocusa Waterfall is the best example of this. The vast majority of Mostarians live only an hour drive away from this natural attraction but have never heard about it, much less visited it.

The same, if not worse, is the situation with other parts of the country. The western Herzegovina deserves a research and the River Trebizat elsewhere would be the backbone of economic development. The Kocusa Waterfall, as well as the entire natural landscape of this part of the country, on the border with Croatia, is worth at least one stop off the main road leading from the sea to the inside of the country and we are sure you will not regret it.