The City of Trebinje and the Trebinje Tourism Community will be offering free sightseeing tours to visitors each weekend until September 13.
Visitors who wish to take the free sightseeing tour should visit the Tourist Info Center in the Old Town. The Info Center also provides additional information about the most important sights and gastronomy in the city.

Trebinje is located at the southernmost spot in Herzegovina. It boasts Mediterranean climate with more than 260 sunny days a year. Throughout its history, Trebinje has been an important trading post connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina with Dubrovnik and the Adriatic coast.

Trebinje is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city is not only for the architecture and historical monuments such as Hercegovacka Gracanica and Tvrdos Monasteries, numerous mosques and historical Arslanagica Bridge. Some of the best wine and cheeses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are produced in the area. The most famous wines in Trebinje are produced by Tvrdos Monastery, Vukoje winery and Adjelic winery.