Italian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Nicola Minasi and Head of USAID Democracy Office Peter Cronin jointed the volunteers who helped clean and mark the hiking route on Cvrsnica Mountain at Via Dinarica this weekend.

Minasi said that Via Dinarica offers natural and healthy environment which is needed now more than even, which is why it is important to maintain it and preserve everything that the nature is generously providing.

Cronin said that Via Dinarica offers the possibility to spend time in a unique place while supporting local businesses along the trail.
The Via Dinarica is a mega trail that extends from Albania to Slovenia across the Dinaric Mountains. The Via Dinarica trail encompasses the largest karst field on earth. Plate tectonics have created a vertebrae-like limestone chain that has aligned itself over 1,000 kilometers through the heart of the western Balkans. Its head, veering far into the skyline, is a conglomerate of jagged peaks that dominates northern Albania, northwestern Kosovo, and the Plav and Gusinje area of northeast Montenegro. The torso and heart of the Dinaric Alps cuts through northern

Montenegro and most of Bosnia and Herzegovina before reaching its legs in Croatia at Dinara Mountain. The limbs reach as far west as the Montenegrin and Croatian coastlines of the Adriatic Sea and as far east as Tara National Park in Serbia. The trails tail tithers off in Slovenia at two of Europe’s greatest limestone caves at Postojnske and Skocjanske.