Believe it or not, there is a place in Modrica that resembles of the Provence region in France! Located only three hours away from Sarajevo, the Distillery Monogram will leave you breathless! The complex is located in the village of Donji Skugric, hamlet Misici, ten kilometers from Modrica and seven kilometers from Gradacac and it really is a place worth to visit. As you approach the location, you will see endless landscape, fields of corn and plantations as well as beautiful houses, some of them traditional and some of them modern.

The complex of the Distillery Monogram extends over 30 hectares of fertile soil, of which 20 hectares refer to orchards with apple, pear, plum and quince plantations, as well as to production capacity, while the other 10 are adapted to needs of tourists. This was initially a family business that grew and extended their capacities over the years and became an ideal place for family weekend vacations, organization of weddings, conferences, seminars and team buildings as well as tasting and gastronomy events. Just recently, owners bought a hotel on the Vlasic Mountain, named it ‘Monogram’ and they intend to put at disposal of guests during the upcoming winter season.

Within the distillery, there is a small family hotel Monogram 4* and Hunting house (holiday home). Hidden among the orchards, the Hotel Monogram is for sure one of the most beautiful places to stay in the heart-shaped country. Away from the city noise, the hotel Monogram offers peace and unique experience of the aroma while tasting the products of the distillery. The distillery, the hotel, and the restaurant were inspired by the beautiful, warm family idyll that the founders wanted to share. Traditional kindness and hospitality - that are raised to the highest level - are the reason why you will wish to return to this small paradise under the Trebava Mountain. Here, everything is about relaxation, and you will be in direct contact with the nature.

You can either walk through fields, plantations, visit the nearby goat and donkey farm ‘Agro-Nika Farm’ in Johova bara and walk by through the nearby village and thus, get full insight in how people in this area live. As you walk towards goat and donkey farm, you will see children playing outside, riding bikes, women and men working in the field, old wells, traditionally-built houses and admire the landscape. For those who like to be a little bit more active during their vacation, there is an option to rent a bike in the complex of the distillery and visit the nearby village in this way or exercise in the fitness center available within the complex. Aside from a big, children playground located behind the restaurant, there is also a big game room for adults.

The Distillery Monogram is one of the most beautiful regional distilleries, with contemporary kettles where the brandy of uncompromising quality is produced.
The brand Monogram in its assortment has eight types of fruit brandy and six types of fruit liqueurs. The distillery can produce 120,000 liters per a year. Guests also have the opportunity to visit the distillery and get full insight into the production process, as well as the tasting packages in which they can enjoy by trying out brandy and liqueurs. Besides, the Distillery Monogram also produces jams made of rosehip, apple, plum and cornel-berry.

Staff in the Distillery Monogram is so kind and they will fulfill almost every wish you have, everything is so clean and fairytale-like, while food is terrific. Away from the city noise, let the Monogram be your choice for family or business gatherings this autumn!